Lad won two nurseries in North Yorkshire before spending 2.5 years in Scotland gaining experience (click here for Lad's page on the Corriedhu website). He returned to me and proved valuable working with his sister Buffy, they were always a good team. Due to needing to train youngsters, and getting an enquiry for a great home for him, he is now in California.

Lad works brace with Buffy (and with Jess!)


Likes working in the pens and filling a race



On Lodge Moor Gather

 Trialling at Ettrick

Helping at Lambing














Lad stepped up to the mark when we had some unexpected late lambs in June 2007 (when he was fourteen months old).

The following link is to one of Laura Cunningham's webpage where there are videos of Buffy and Lad (second video down), and Daz, Sam and Jo (third video).

The following video was taken  by Laura in March 2008 when he was almost two.


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