Our Old Dogs 

delThe dogs behind our dogs are the reason why we continue to train dogs to a high standard of work, and the reason why we breed more dogs, to re-achieve what they were and to try to make improvements, if that is at all possible. Words cannot explain the honour of having had a dog like Del, to have spent nearly fourteen years with him as my right-hand man. We learnt so much together and achieved so much. I consider Del to be at the centre of Nidderdale Sheepdogs, between the dogs that came before and the dogs that come after.
The basic story is that my mother Sandra Gibson took a liking to a young black bitch called Jet owned by Wilton Goligher. He was reluctant to sell her because she was from favoured Irish lines but he gave in to persistance, letting Sandra have her along with another young bitch called Watch. Watch became my first trial bitch. Jet was a tremendous little bitch, both Sandra and I winning our first open trials with her. Jet was mated to Wilton's Glen, producing Joe who was a great friend to both myself and Simon. Joe was mated to Jip, another impressive black bitch, a daughter of Joy, his favourite bitch. Out of that litter, I chose Del and Simon chose Jaff. Not to be forgotten, there was also Jenny, she was also out of Joy by Simon's Snap.
Confused? Well, in my spare time, I intend to dig out photos, add pedigree information, and rake over memories to write about these dogs on their own page. To explain why they were such great dogs.

Del's pedigree

25/04/95 - 16/10/08

These are the dogs that will eventually have their own pages as a tribute to their memory - Del, Jaff, Jenny, Joe, Jip, Snap, Joy, Watch and Jet.


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