Training Facilities

We have access to plenty of different fields on Westray to practice basic training and more advanced training, including good sized outruns on various terrains. Facilities for penning sheep, and putting through a race, are important for both border collies and kelpies.

If you are visiting Orkney and you want to give your dogs a run or a training session, it's just a 1.5hr ferry ride on to Westray. A day trip or longer, if you want to enjoy what Westray has to offer - puffins, sandy beaches, turquoise sea, and if you are lucky - orcas, whales, dolphins & northern lights.

Arrangements can be made for novice handlers and their dogs, on an individual basis. Good value facilities and advice on offer!

Training is always moving on. We are aiming to get the dog behind the sheep and holding them to you, in a satisfactory manner. Once you achieve this, then you can refine the dog's behaviour (and yours) to whatever level you wish. There is a long way to go, should you wish to run at sheepdog trials.

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