Rob (retired)

New pup related to Rob

Two weeks before he ran at the 2008 World Trial, Rob needed to be castrated due to health reasons. He got to fitness in time to take his well-earned run at Llandeilo, but it was sad as I hadn't got around to getting a pup from him. Well, orders were put in to Ireland and Holland to get a related pup. Michael Gallagher's Gyp is Rob's litter sister, I had seen her running on the Hebridean Circuit in 2004. One of her litters was to Aidan Gallagher's Bill, who I always enjoy watching at work. In this litter was Serge van der Sweep's Jim, Seamus Gallagher's Glen, and Gilbert Marshall's Scot. So I was trying to get a pup related to one of them. I might still do that but Aidan put me on to Cath Krakowski who has a daughter of another brother from that litter, out of Becca (yes, James Magee's Becca). The daughter had just had a litter to Michael Gallagher's Cap. Again, love watching the dog, and always wanted something from his sire Bobby Dalziel's Cap. So I booked a pup, BEFORE Cap won the 2010 International. Sandra wants her, so a new page for Gyp in Sandra's section, though she may give her a new name. Gyp's page


After we got in the English team in 2007 at Stokesley

( link to 2007 English National presentation, can't believe it has had over 20,000 views in 2 years, there are other clips of handlers running their dogs)

Shirley Cropper running Beechwood Bob (Rob's sire) at the Stokesley English National


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