A friend called me to say that he had a nice slate blue bitch that I might like. I went to see her and saw immediately that she wasn't slate blue. Wasn't quite sure what colour she was, but she turned out to be a muddy merle. I had taken a few pictures and a video of her working. Watching it a few times, I couldn't resist the temptation of going to buy her. Never regretted it. Dusty has enough power to move anything that faces her at home. She isnt quite ready for trialling because she will tighten up when you first run her, if she can get away with it. I'm hoping she will be ready before long.  Better pics to follow, when I dig them out.

Here is a video of her learning to drive (24/9/09) when she had just turned two.

Dusty has had two litters with Lad. Of particular note, from the first litter is Nidderdale Spot who is with Nathalie Adel in Sweden. Spot is on her site www.kennelthelook.se (click here) . The link doesnt seem to be working just now. She has a video of him working at nine months old, and the same of some of his pups at that age. I will add them here shortly.

Nidderdale Spot                                                           taken by Nathalie Adel


From the second litter is Nidderdale Silk (click here)

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